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  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Applied to Datacenters

    Abraham Maslow, one of the founding members of humanistic psychology, outlined a ‘hierarchy of needs’ in an influential paper, wherein the fundamental premise was that any social grouping moved through a set of developments from ‘basic needs’ to ‘emotional fulfillment’ in the form of a pyramid. The lowest 4 needs are referred to as deficiency needs that are there because of lack of something and they need to be satisfied first in order to move on to higher level needs.

    Maslow’s research describes what drives individuals in general but is it possible to apply it to businesses, particular to datacenter businesses? Yes and in fact, applying Maslow’s hierarchy to organizations offer a powerful insight into business prioritization. Business priorities, especially of Datacenters, could be defined as analogous frameworks to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Using the Maslow framework, business priorities could be aligned and determined. So, how does it all relate to your choice of datacenter? Data are the brain of the company and data center, where your critical resources are housed, is a significant investment for your company. It is really important that you choose a right colocation service provide to ensure a good return on your investments. The colocation provider should be able to help you run your business effectively and also support the growing needs of your business. Even if they all may appear similar, all datacenters are not equal. By applying Maslow’s hierarchy of need to the colocation partner in choice, you would be able to reassess where they stand and that would help you narrow down on the best colocation facility depending on the needs of your business.

    The first need which finds mention in Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ is the physical need. For colocation provider that would mean fulfillment of basic needs required of a colocation provider. The physiological needs which you should look for are uptime and availability. Check whether they have good provision for connectivity, power and cooling.

    The safety need should be derived from whether or not the colocation center is safe and protected, both from natural and cyber-attacks. The colocation provider should be prepared to face any kind of disaster without any disruption to your business.

    The third need is the need to belong and for datacenters, it translates to being a part of network ecosystem. Knowing how well the colocation provider is connected to its partner ecosystem of cloud/SaaS would be a key when your own company needs access to these ecosystem. Opt for providers offering support.

    The next step would be to look for the vision of your colocation provider. As your company grows, your colocation provider should be able to scale with you.

    At the highest level sits the strategy. What is the competitive edge that the provider is offering you?

    If you are on a lookout for a colocation provider that would fulfill all business hierarchical needs while providing a competitive edge, Data Facilities is your answer which is a global provider of premium carrier-neutral Datacenters & Hosting Services. With strategically located datacenters in The Netherlands in Spijkenisse and The Hague, Data Facilities offers superior flexibility, security and operational proficiency. With hybrid infrastructure, remote-IX access, and worldwide partner network, Data Facilities is changing the landscape of colocation services for good. To learn more about Data Facilities Data Centers, visit

  • How to be ready for a Disruptive Data Center Future

    Lately, Gartner has been doing lots of research on disruptive data centers which could well be the near future technology of data center hosting. Vice president of Gartner Joe Skorupa notes that, “Current vendors are living in an “uneasy peace” that won’t last for much longer. “

    This proves that no matter what kind of business you are in, significant disruption is going to be the norm! Most of this is owing to the emerging technologies which serve as building blocks for digital based business model. With the ever-growing pressure on businesses to drive revenue, disruptive data technologies pave way to opportunities to create scalable and flexible environment to deal with the demands of an organization. This is a paradigm shift at the technology front but it is also a shift in the mind-set of businesses to go for scalable solutions.

    Failing to evaluate and adapt to the disruptive technologies, can lead to lost opportunities and your business wouldn’t be able to exploit new innovations in technologies as easily. Especially when it comes to data centers, choosing a data center which will help businesses scale up and scale down will be the right choice, failing which you wouldn’t be able to migrate to new standards. Not choosing a data center could also result in reliability issues which may be caused by out of support assets.

    So as the market evolves steadily towards disruptive data centers, how can you make sure you are making the right choice when it comes to choosing a data center. Read on to know few tips to help you choose a data center which is disruption-ready.


    Data center strategies are being reconsidered now because of the emerging disruption. “The Snowden Effect” is playing a great role in it. Government agencies compromised the large data centers and are now trying to seek out smaller providers that offer white boxes and an option to use open-source technologies.

    Because of this, you need to know where your data centers are located and access it whenever you want. Choose a local data center which is located nearby but still have disaster recovery centers for safe-keeping your data.

    The Need For More & More Power!

    Power is the 2nd Part of Gartner’s disruptive data center equation. The research company points out to a couple of disruptive technologies such as software defined networking (SDN) and Web-scale integrated infrastructure as potential starters for the data center revolution. If an existing provider decides to push into a new market or smaller vendors fragment the market by offering unique, customizable solutions, the entire game starts to change. What’s more, the rise of cloud-based mobile and consumer apps over in-house development is already increasing the demands placed on data centers.

    So, Is Power the biggest concern? Nothing comes for free, bigger bandwidth, better connections, and stacking high-density hardware requires some serious power management. Without proper management of N+1 and 2N power solutions coupled with optimal airflow, new technologies can disrupt company workflow and the market at large. A future-proof data center setup allows you to scale up rather than scaling out, but without the worry of servers burning out early or high-density infrastructure proving too hot to handle.

    Getting Ready for the Future

    As disruptive technology starts to unravel, make sure there’s no disconnection between your expectations and reality. Opting for local and open source setup gives you granular control over hardware and software, while investing in a provider that makes power management a priority means you’re ready to scale up as new technologies emerge.

    If you are on a lookout for a datacenter which is disruption ready, Data Facilities is your answer which is a global provider of premium carrier-neutral Datacenters & Hosting Services. With strategically located datacenters in The Netherlands in Spijkenisse and The Hague, Data Facilities offers superior flexibility, security and operational proficiency. With hybrid infrastructure, remote-IX access, and worldwide partner network, Data Facilities is changing the landscape of colocation services for good. To learn more about Data Facilities Data Centers, visit

  • Security Threats Predictions for 2016

    It seems like today even three years olds know what hacking means, security breach has become so commonplace. Almost every other day we are inundated with broadcast of security failures of mega corporations. In 2015 alone billions of personal records were compromised with information including email, home address, passport number and other personal details. A mounting hazard for businesses both large and small, embezzled data doesn’t craft a very nice image when it comes to security. As 2016 looms closer, it is time to reflect back at the events and gain some perspective on the future. With IoT (Internet of Things) becoming much more common, the number of connected devices is expected to rise at an exponential growth and with that will increase the number of devices which needs to be secured. Amidst all the holiday cheers, the looming security threats really paint a bleak picture. But know that even if the security threats would rise, so would the ways to counter them. And besides it is always better to be prepared than be caught off-guard. As they say there is always a silver lining, knowing the threats would help you prepare for them better. Although not conclusive, these treat predictions would give you a better idea about the growing threats for which you could prepare for. Here are some of the security threats predictions for 2016.

    New Environments Brings New Threats

    With so many different upgrades coming up like Windows 10 and iOS launching, it would definitely pique the interest of hackers. With users being less familiar with the operating system new environment, hackers would try to take the advantage of this vulnerability.

    Mobile Threats

    With the mobile becoming the norm and more and more apps coming into the market for both android and Apple, it is not difficult to imagine apps being the new playground for the nefarious hackers.

    IoT platforms and wearables

    With IoT becoming more commonplace, you can expect an increase in the leaking attacks and data harvesting. The wearables like smartwatches bring with them a new set of security threats as they could be used to capture audio and video illegally through remote hackings.

    Virtual Environments

    As more and more organizations move to virtualized environments through cloud computing, SDN or NFV, there is an increased level of threat as these environment create complex and new network layer and without proper security measures could be a festering ground for hacking.

    Attacks on crucial infrastructure

    As the control system of public utilities becomes more and more connected and centralized, the chances of potential attacks increases. According to a Gartner report, over 25 billion devices would be connected by 2020. With that projection, it is not difficult to imagine the amount of data floating and the security measures required to keep all those data safe. These predictions would at least help you prepare for the impending security gale. One of the best ways to keep your data safe is by housing them with a reliable colocation provider. At least that way you have one less thing to worry about. If you are on a lookout for a colocation provider, Data Facilities is a great choice. With security as prime concern, Data Facilities provide remote support services to colocation, and everything in between with a diverse range of data center solutions to help businesses maximize the use of their IT resources. Backed by years of experience, Data facilities has the services and expertise to meet all your business requirements. Data Facilities is customer-centric and we value the trust our clients place in us. We’ve decided to implement ISO 27001 into our organizational structure of our two data centers as we want to pursue this certification to provide our customers with an assurance of meeting one of the most widely accepted security management parameters in the world.

  • Security at Colocation Facilities: What You Should Look For

    Life is like Harry Potter’s “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans”, you never know which flavor you are going to get! From banana, candy floss to soap and earwax, you have no idea what kind of beans you are going to put in your mouth next. Similar to the fictional “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans” all datacenters are different too and if you are not careful, you may end up with a truly unreliable datacenter putting your business in peril. As IT transforms into the driving force behind the global economy, it is becoming ever more crucial to select a good colocation provider, after all, you would be housing your critical infrastructure outside your enterprise premises and into someone else’s facilities. Similar to how a dripping tap reminds you of a shoddy job done by a plumber, you would be constantly reminded of your choice of a colocation provider by way of frequent downtimes and data loss. The world is going through an unprecedented digital transformation and the success of a company largely depends on how well their IT footprints withstand the daily ordeal. Even a temporary downtime can have negative impact on your business. You need to look for a strong, robust and reliable data center without having to break the bank. Finding a reliable colocation provider matching your infrastructure needs is tough as the stakes are high especially when it comes to security. Security is the prime concern for most businesses. Fortunately, you can follow a checklist to narrow down on the most-qualified colocation provider for your organization. Check out some things to look for when it comes to security at the colocation facilities.

    Layered Security

    Whatever colocation provider you choose should provide high redundant facilities as well as physical security measures to ensure maximum protection of your resources. From the outside perimeters to the environment designs, intrusion detection, camera surveillance, the colocation provider should have a proper security protocol in place. The exterior walls need to have protection from physical attacks as well as natural disasters. Thick walls with security doors and bullet-proof windows as well as a competent security team will help in protecting your data.

    24/7 CCTV Surveillance

    Highly secured colocation providers never go cheap with fixed cameras. A good colocation provider invest in motion sensitive CCTV security system monitoring all parts of the colocation facilities from outside area, building, doors and hallways. They should also have Building Management System (BMS) which can trigger alerts to building security personnel and police upon sight of any unauthorized access attempts to the building- and or data center.

    Card Key Access

    Card keys are a must for allowing access to the physical data centers, in order to prevent theft and unauthorized access. Giving out access cards is a security risk, therefore the card should be disabled at all times and should only be activated upon your visit to the data center. On-site security personnel and unique access key generators will help ensure the safe usage and activation of your card.

    IP-CAM Control

    The colocation provider should have the IP camera both in cold and hot aisles with motion detection to ensure the safety and monitoring of equipment and data.

    Fire Control

    The smoke detector should be installed in every part of the premise. The detection should be such that a fire of any sort could be suppressed in the initial stages itself. The colocation facility should invest in systems such as Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) which could trigger Argon based fire suppression to prevent fire and damage.

    If you are on a lookout for a colocation service that would keep your data secured and safe, Data Facilities is a great option. Data Facilities not only offers multi-layered security, 24/7 motion sensitive CCTV surveillance, IP-CAM Control, Card key access, latest fire control methods, 24/7 expert security and support but also offers secondary locations. These secondary sites offer added layers of redundant infrastructure necessary to protect your critical systems and maintain productivity during unexpected emergencies. Call us now at +31 (0) 88-2700-200 or mail us on to find out more.

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