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How to be ready for a Disruptive Data Center Future

Lately, Gartner has been doing lots of research on disruptive data centers which could well be the near future technology of data center hosting. Vice president of Gartner Joe Skorupa notes that, “Current vendors are living in an “uneasy peace” that won’t last for much longer. “

This proves that no matter what kind of business you are in, significant disruption is going to be the norm! Most of this is owing to the emerging technologies which serve as building blocks for digital based business model. With the ever-growing pressure on businesses to drive revenue, disruptive data technologies pave way to opportunities to create scalable and flexible environment to deal with the demands of an organization. This is a paradigm shift at the technology front but it is also a shift in the mind-set of businesses to go for scalable solutions.

Failing to evaluate and adapt to the disruptive technologies, can lead to lost opportunities and your business wouldn’t be able to exploit new innovations in technologies as easily. Especially when it comes to data centers, choosing a data center which will help businesses scale up and scale down will be the right choice, failing which you wouldn’t be able to migrate to new standards. Not choosing a data center could also result in reliability issues which may be caused by out of support assets.

So as the market evolves steadily towards disruptive data centers, how can you make sure you are making the right choice when it comes to choosing a data center. Read on to know few tips to help you choose a data center which is disruption-ready.


Data center strategies are being reconsidered now because of the emerging disruption. “The Snowden Effect” is playing a great role in it. Government agencies compromised the large data centers and are now trying to seek out smaller providers that offer white boxes and an option to use open-source technologies.

Because of this, you need to know where your data centers are located and access it whenever you want. Choose a local data center which is located nearby but still have disaster recovery centers for safe-keeping your data.

The Need For More & More Power!

Power is the 2nd Part of Gartner’s disruptive data center equation. The research company points out to a couple of disruptive technologies such as software defined networking (SDN) and Web-scale integrated infrastructure as potential starters for the data center revolution. If an existing provider decides to push into a new market or smaller vendors fragment the market by offering unique, customizable solutions, the entire game starts to change. What’s more, the rise of cloud-based mobile and consumer apps over in-house development is already increasing the demands placed on data centers.

So, Is Power the biggest concern? Nothing comes for free, bigger bandwidth, better connections, and stacking high-density hardware requires some serious power management. Without proper management of N+1 and 2N power solutions coupled with optimal airflow, new technologies can disrupt company workflow and the market at large. A future-proof data center setup allows you to scale up rather than scaling out, but without the worry of servers burning out early or high-density infrastructure proving too hot to handle.

Getting Ready for the Future

As disruptive technology starts to unravel, make sure there’s no disconnection between your expectations and reality. Opting for local and open source setup gives you granular control over hardware and software, while investing in a provider that makes power management a priority means you’re ready to scale up as new technologies emerge.

If you are on a lookout for a datacenter which is disruption ready, Data Facilities is your answer which is a global provider of premium carrier-neutral Datacenters & Hosting Services. With strategically located datacenters in The Netherlands in Spijkenisse and The Hague, Data Facilities offers superior flexibility, security and operational proficiency. With hybrid infrastructure, remote-IX access, and worldwide partner network, Data Facilities is changing the landscape of colocation services for good. To learn more about Data Facilities Data Centers, visit

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