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Managed Server Hosting and Colocation – Select the Correct Mix for Your Business

Before we go ahead and discuss how to go about deciding between data center to use, we will first discuss what they are used for. Particularly for those who own a business.

You can be assured that either of these will give your business the opportunity of relocating your IT services off site. You will also have the opportunity to remove it all together. Whilst this is happening, your utility usage and data center footprint will be minimized. This sounds fantastic for your business, right? However, the answer to this question can be found within all of the details. It will also depend on the workload and needs of your business.

Whatever the case, we will now analyze and compare each of these. You will soon be able to determine which one will suit your business better. We will also look at how each of these can be used.

Managed Hosting – Remove Your IT Infrastructure By Lessening The Amount Of Data You Use. Managed hosting is designed to procure any dedicated hardware your internet service provider uses, on to a utility based model Internet service provider’s takes care of all of the hardware that sits in their location Maintenance and support have a hosting arrangement that is well managed. The good thing is, businesses can forget about doing this. Your internet service provider does this job on a very high level. It is part of their services to you. There are never any problems that your provider has not seen before. All problems will have likely to be solved in the past.

Refreshing technology is one advantage that comes with managed hosting. Your business can forget about the latest technology upgrades. You also can forget about hardware difficulties. This is because your internet provider regularly upgrades all servers and their systems. Managed hosting assures you that IT infrastructure is kept up to date with your business growth plans. However, IT will meet those plans. The best advantage managed hosting has to offer is that there are not needed for permanent investments, particularly when it comes to looking after your own IT infrastructure. This means that you have the option of converting CapExto OpEx. This means that you will be able to afford other worthwhile investments.

Colocation – Control Your Hardware by Lessening the Amount of Data You Use In the Data Center. There are times where you might decide to look after and control your own IT infrastructure for particular workloads. Industries such as a range of sectors, financial services, and pharma, will often do this. This is because the nature of their industry needs to keep up with adherence to comply with regulatory restrictions. However, in other instances, your business may have already purchased its own hardware. You may decide not to go with this option.

If this is so, colocation will be the best option for you. You will not need to get concerned about going into debt. Colocation allows you to relocate all hardware off site. This can relocate to your provider’s data center instead. If the provider uses large amount of data, then this option will allow you to minimize your data center’s footprint. The best thing about this option is that it allows you to purchase and decide on the hardware you want to use. You will be able to maintain, control and own the hardware even if it is on the provider’s site. This will save you money.

Managed Hosting Compared To Colocation – Which Is Better?

Now that we have discussed managed and colocation hosting, you will now have a good understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Most businesses opt for colocation hosting first. But then they will decide to use managed hosting, particularly when it comes to upgrading their hardware. That said, whatever option you decide on, be sure to look at what your business requirements are first. These days, many businesses are deciding to use a combination of each especially when they have mixed workloads. The Hybrid IT days have arrived.

Contact us to learn more more about Colocation or for more information on how Data Facilities provides Colocation, visit our Colocation page

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