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Security at Colocation Facilities: What You Should Look For

Life is like Harry Potter’s “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans”, you never know which flavor you are going to get! From banana, candy floss to soap and earwax, you have no idea what kind of beans you are going to put in your mouth next. Similar to the fictional “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans” all datacenters are different too and if you are not careful, you may end up with a truly unreliable datacenter putting your business in peril. As IT transforms into the driving force behind the global economy, it is becoming ever more crucial to select a good colocation provider, after all, you would be housing your critical infrastructure outside your enterprise premises and into someone else’s facilities. Similar to how a dripping tap reminds you of a shoddy job done by a plumber, you would be constantly reminded of your choice of a colocation provider by way of frequent downtimes and data loss. The world is going through an unprecedented digital transformation and the success of a company largely depends on how well their IT footprints withstand the daily ordeal. Even a temporary downtime can have negative impact on your business. You need to look for a strong, robust and reliable data center without having to break the bank. Finding a reliable colocation provider matching your infrastructure needs is tough as the stakes are high especially when it comes to security. Security is the prime concern for most businesses. Fortunately, you can follow a checklist to narrow down on the most-qualified colocation provider for your organization. Check out some things to look for when it comes to security at the colocation facilities.

Layered Security

Whatever colocation provider you choose should provide high redundant facilities as well as physical security measures to ensure maximum protection of your resources. From the outside perimeters to the environment designs, intrusion detection, camera surveillance, the colocation provider should have a proper security protocol in place. The exterior walls need to have protection from physical attacks as well as natural disasters. Thick walls with security doors and bullet-proof windows as well as a competent security team will help in protecting your data.

24/7 CCTV Surveillance

Highly secured colocation providers never go cheap with fixed cameras. A good colocation provider invest in motion sensitive CCTV security system monitoring all parts of the colocation facilities from outside area, building, doors and hallways. They should also have Building Management System (BMS) which can trigger alerts to building security personnel and police upon sight of any unauthorized access attempts to the building- and or data center.

Card Key Access

Card keys are a must for allowing access to the physical data centers, in order to prevent theft and unauthorized access. Giving out access cards is a security risk, therefore the card should be disabled at all times and should only be activated upon your visit to the data center. On-site security personnel and unique access key generators will help ensure the safe usage and activation of your card.

IP-CAM Control

The colocation provider should have the IP camera both in cold and hot aisles with motion detection to ensure the safety and monitoring of equipment and data.

Fire Control

The smoke detector should be installed in every part of the premise. The detection should be such that a fire of any sort could be suppressed in the initial stages itself. The colocation facility should invest in systems such as Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) which could trigger Argon based fire suppression to prevent fire and damage.

If you are on a lookout for a colocation service that would keep your data secured and safe, Data Facilities is a great option. Data Facilities not only offers multi-layered security, 24/7 motion sensitive CCTV surveillance, IP-CAM Control, Card key access, latest fire control methods, 24/7 expert security and support but also offers secondary locations. These secondary sites offer added layers of redundant infrastructure necessary to protect your critical systems and maintain productivity during unexpected emergencies. Call us now at +31 (0) 88-2700-200 or mail us on to find out more.

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