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What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing? This is the main question, which many people ask. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST): Cloud computing is a model which enables convenient and on-demand network access to the configurable computing resources of a shared pool, which includes servers, networks, storage, and applications, that can be provisioned rapidly and can be released with minimum management efforts or by interacting with the service provider.

Delivery of computing in the form of a service is referred to as Cloud computing, it is not the delivery of a product. With cloud computing, shared resources, services and information are delivered to devices like a utility of networks which means that, as an end-user, you do not have to know the physical location and configuration of the system which is used to deliver the services. Without going for new infrastructure, personnel and software licensing, capabilities can be increased by this technology. The services can be either pay-per-use or subscription based. Cloud computing provides various benefits to the user.

The main advantage of Cloud computing service is, that it is easy to integrate into other applications and it takes less time compared to other systems. Homegrown and third-party applications can both integrate with it. As the infrastructure offers more scalability, it therefore also offers a better quality of service. Recovering from a crash is much faster and easier with Cloud Computing due to centralized storage and use of high availability. Compared to other options, hosting in the Cloud improves your uptime.

Hybrid cloud computing is one of the simplest forms of technology which does not require any installation of software or hardware. When using this service, your capital expenditure will be low. You do not have to spend millions of dollars to get a new IT solution and you do not have to wait. Getting setup in a running Cloud Computing environment takes very little time. Customize, scale and configure it any way you like. Getting a proper system up and running could be a matter of minutes, not days, not months!

To get the most out of any Information Technology service, it has to be customized to meet and exceed your mission critical IT demands. Due to the scalability of the Cloud, it is both good for small businesses as well as large enterprises. With Cloud Computing, scalability walks hand in hand with flexibility, meaning you can easily (dynamically) down- or upgrade your virtual resources at anytime after deployment.

Most Cloud Computing options offer dynamic scaling. With dynamic scaling you can easily process sudden increases of load and traffic without interruption of service. Permanent upgrades such as disk resizing, memory upgrades or added computing power are quickly added via an interface.

Contact us to learn more more about Cloud Computing or for more information on how Data Facilities applies the Cloud, visit our Cloud Computing page

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